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"This tin hat box is completely made by hand. After cutting out a piece of metal with scissors it is hammered into shape. But they have been sitting in the warehouse for a long time. It started out as an antique hat box, we then experimented with the idea of using it as a package for gifts. After a year of not knowing how to utilize this item, one of our customers suggested that we sell the hat boxes as merchandise rather than just using them for gift packages. We liked the idea of offering it to our customers and letting them decide how to use it. An anticorrosion treatment was applied, but it has a soft natural feel to it and is easily scratched giving you the ability of making your own "markings". Normally an item would not be used as-is like this, but just because it is "inexpensive" doesn't make it less valuable. On the contrary, we are convinced of the necessity of this product."

Area: India

W 8 in. x H 5 in.

W 10 in. x H 5 in.

W 11 in. x H 8 in.

Material: Steel


*Note: There is some rust, scratches, and dirt on some of these products.

By using recycled materials and hand made processes, PUEBCO imbues these objects with the feel of many lifetimes, and a sense of history that makes each piece unique.