• To add value to materials.
    To bring new meaning to those that have finished their duties.
    People may call this recycling,
    but at PUEBCO, using materials that have been deemed worthless
    to make people happy at a decent price is
    where we find the meaning of manufacturing.

    Using new materials and making items with efficient
    manufacturing methods is a wonderful industry that produces high quality.
    However, believing that there is something attractive in the world
    that cannot be found by efficiency or quality alone, we started this action in 2007.

    About 80% of the products handled by PUEBCO are customized original items
    that were inspired by overseas junk items and then made to fit into modern life.
    The remaining 10-20% are products for professional use and those
    that feel universal quality and we repeatedly visit factories and markets in India and China to look for them.

    From our small office in Tokyo, we have continued to introduce new items
    that are now sold in about 30 countries, mainly in Europe and Asia.
    As we have done, we will continue to do for people
    who are not satisfied with products created for the masses.
    If one or two in a hundred people are pleased, it is good enough.
    With this thought, we continue to be a creative craftsman.