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Folding Aluminum Trunk


‎Weight : Approx. 11.68lb Capacity : Approx. 50L‎

‎Maximum load capacity : 26lbs
Maximum number of stacking stages : 3pcs‎
‎Maximum loading capacity is not guaranteed. Please use it only as a guide. ‎

Due to the characteristics of the material, it is softer and more easily scratched than steel or stainless steel, so there may be fine scratches, small rubbing, dents, distortions, etc. In addition, there are places where the edges and corners of the product are sharp. ‎
‎* Please wear gloves when assembling. ‎

Outside Size : H12.2 x W25.6 x D12.2in
Inside Size : H11.4 x W24.2 x D10.2in
Folded Size : H2.4 x W26.4 x D12.4in
Weight : approx. 11.68
Capacity : approx. 50L
Material : Aluminum