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Using jute to create a strong and well-wearing fabric, the Florist Jute Apron is all you need to keep yourself clean while gardening, cooking or performing other messy tasks. Featuring a stencil print, waist pocket and wrap around coverage, this will become an essential for yard work during the warmer months and other chores year round.


Area: India 

Approximate Size: H 35.4 in. x W 35.4 in.
Material: Jute


*Note: Fabric is not flame-retardant, be careful when near an open flame. The color will change significantly when wet. In addition, the texture will change, such as softening, spots, wrinkles, whitening, and fluffing. The fibers fall off due to friction and adhere to other things such as clothing.


PUEBCO was born in Japan 2007 with the simple notion of creating things instinctively, using found and recycled materials to curate renewed lifestyle items. PUEBCO believes that just as people are the sum of their lived experiences, the objects we share our homes with should carry that same sense of history and weight. By using recycled materials and hand made processes, PUEBCO imbues these objects with the feel of many lifetimes and a sense of history that makes each piece unique. With PUEBCO products, there are no imperfections... they are details meant to be there by design.