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"When army equipment is disposed of by the government, it is usually auctioned off. It is said that they are sold by the pile with items still in their original boxes. Because of its close proximity to an army base, these auctions are frequent in the town. It is also one of the leading towns of antique shops in India. Many antique tool shops purchase these piles of army equipment not knowing what is inside and their job is to figure out how to sell them. Today we came across a stock of stretchers in a particular antique store. What came to mind was to make them into a coat rack. We added a pipe and a few other things to make the coat rack but we also wanted to keep the original look as much as possible. We took all of the stretchers they had and strengthened our relationship with the antique store. We look forward to the challenge of receiving what they will bring in next."



"Known for being sturdy and durable, this noble wood, teak, has been used to make ships, buildings, furniture and other things for a long time. The word “teak” is said to originate from the language of the Kerala state in southern India, “thekku” in the Malayalam language, and India has been known worldwide as a teak production center. However, year after year, the natural teak forest has decreased and felling and export are currently prohibited in India. This recycled wood series, mirrors, coat racks and other products, made from teak wood, was born in a city where handcrafting is popular in the province of Rajasthan in the northwest. Furniture factories there gather scrap wood from buildings that have been demolished all over India. The teak wood which had become difficult to acquire is now readily available as recycled waste material here. Although we could make the wood appear new by sanding down the surface, we dare to leave the beautiful and weathered texture as the finished product."


Area: India

Size: H 67 in. x W 37 in. x D 22 in.
Material: Teak Wood, Iron


By using recycled materials and hand made processes, PUEBCO imbues these objects with the feel of many lifetimes, and a sense of history that makes each piece unique.