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"In a town in India, all the laborers who walked by use this bag made from unusual pieces of material from factories that make tents and sunshades. The bag is quite useful since it is made from such durable material while still being affordable. Speed was prioritized in the making of this bag so the stitches are not straight. It’s hard to tell if the handle is navy or black and sometimes the material has irregular marks. Although these qualities may not be attractive to Japanese, somehow the bag has a special quality that cannot be found in new items. We asked about the meaning of the number on the side and were told it represents the size. Essentially “from this end to this end is 36 (or 40,45, or 50)”, but we could not be sure what measurement 36 represents as every bag seems to be a little bit different size. This unusual detail must be a characteristic that is unique to India and makes the bag even more interesting."

Area: India


[ 36 ]
Item No. 501949
Size: approx. H 13 in. x W 17 in. x D 9 in.

[ 40 ]
Item No. 501956
Size: approx. H 13 in. x W 19 in. x D 9 in.

[ 45 ]
Item No. 501963
Size: approx. H 13 in. x W 20 in. x D 9 in.

[ 50 ]
Item No. 501970
Size: approx. H 13 in. x W 23 in. x D 9 in.


Material : Cotton, Nylon


By using recycled materials and hand made processes, PUEBCO imbues these objects with the feel of many lifetimes and a sense of history that makes each piece unique.